Advantages of Dedicated Linux Server

By obtaining a dedicated Linux server I was able to choose the time when the update will occur in order not to affect my website and my visitors. This is because servers need to update regularly, they actually need to update their own technology and the information that they are providing for the website and the visitors. If I didn’t have a dedicated hosting website then I would have to accept the time of the update that the server provides, and now I am choosing for myself because I am not sharing the server with other websites. This is a big positive thing; I won’t lose visitors or customers when the updating is on.

When I made my best decision of getting a website host, dedicated server, I got a dedicated customer support as part of the plan. This gave me the ability to contact them anytime I have a concern or when I need assistance, I will be dealing with only one person all the time, the one that I know all about him, his name and how to reach him directly and that is a good thing because he knows everything for me and my website from the beginning.

Remote Access

As a part of the hosting plan I got a remote access to my server, which allows me to control it from my computer at work or at home. Some also will give me remote access when needed for a service tech to act as my physical eye and hands during in the fixing a technical problem that is looking for more in-person attention.
The feeling of having a dedicated server is like having a private workshop to play with. It allows me to experiment with different versions of my website in order to see which one will get more attention from the visitors, or to try different apps on my website without disturbing the system.