Bitcoin Service Coinkite Brought Down By DDoS Attacks, Legal Bills


Since its launch in 2012, Coinkite has become one of the most popular providers of Bitcoin wallet services in the industry. But after a long period of silence on its blog and on social media, the company has announced in a new blog post that it’s moving on.

Coinkite’s CEO Rodolfo Novak tells Coindesk that the company has been under constant DDoS (Dedicated Denial of Service) attacks from the very start, and admits that the firm’s “meager resources” were being depleted rapidly by the costs of DDoS protection services from providers like Psychz and Cloudflare, as well as legal bills connected with the operation of Coinkite – factors he described as the “amount of bulls—t” the firm faced in running the service.”

State-Sponsored Actors?

One of the most surprising claims by Novak is that “state-sponsored actors” have been “creating (the) headaches” largely responsible for his company’s difficulties. However, he did not explicitly blame governments for the DDoS attacks that have repeatedly plagued Coinkite (and are relatively common in the Bitcoin industry); he was apparently referring to attempts to regulate Bitcoin providers, which he sees as continuing attempts to breach the privacy of those using Bitcoin wallets.

Novak did admit that real or perceived obstacles created by governments, and service disruptions due to the obviously ineffective DDoS protection utilized by Coinkite weren’t the only financial drains on the company. It seems that the company’s business model may also have been at fault, since he referred to the costs of providing support to “all the free users” as another factor in his decision to move away from offering Bitcoin wallets as a SaaS (software as a service) firm.

Coinkite had reported that during the three summer months of 2015 it had processed $250 million dollars’ worth of Bitcoin transactions, making it one of the largest wallet operations in the world. Its service was considered one of the easiest to use and also interfaced with merchant payment systems and POS terminals, so the decision to move on from its secure online wallet system was a surprise to many in the industry.

The Future of Coinkite

Coinkite isn’t giving up on Bitcoin, but is simply moving on to hardware rather than software solutions. Among the projects that Novak says are on the horizon include a stand-alone physical terminal and wallet system for merchants complete with a QR scanner and printer, new Bitcoin authentication and security products, USB sticks containing Bitcoin wallets, hardened professional servers for hosting other providers’ hot wallets – and most interesting of all, a physical Bitcoin to be manufactured in a project called Opendime.

The Coinkite wallet service will be shut down by the end of April, but its application process and Tor access will be discontinued by the middle of the month. Customers are being reminded throughout April to remove all funds from their accounts; after that, any balances remaining for pre-paid plans will be automatically refunded. Coinkite is recommending that its customers use alternatives like Electrum and Ledger moving forward.

During its four-year existence, Coinkite has processed more than one billion dollars worth of Bitcoin transactions.

Satisfactory outcomes of cloud computing


Cloud computing has been in the industry for a long time now, and it can be traced back to the origin of an email. However, it’s only recently that the firms have started to rent storage and servers instead of buying hardware and using it at huge price. And with added organization, that rely on the outsourcing infrastructure of India, which is transferring few of their work on the info tech cloud. Companies like TCS or Tata Consultancy services and Wipro, Infosys have taken another step in order to make this shift possible. They have located themselves as the enablers among renters and owners.

The report that was published by the IT advisory and research firm Gartner estimated that the market for cloud-based services in India itself will rise by a third to approximately $557 million in the present year and much more than triple by the year 2018.

The IT giants in India are have become experts at the planning stage, going in early and signifying what their business customers must be doing in order to benefit from the emerging technologies. The research director of Gartner, Arup Roy says,” they are playing to their positives that are services. They are in the services region even in the cloud that essentially focuses on service brokerage.” They have the benefit of being experts at running the IT backend for worldwide customers that will play a vital role in the shift to the new age cloud computing.

At a basic level, cloud computing is all about renting the data storage capacity and processor power from the service providers like Rackspace and Amazon. However, the cloud also facilitates the firms to lease the software they use.

In the last two years, company Infosys has been growing actively its services business based on cloud, utilizing its hub of the cloud ecosystem. This could very well be the key organ of its future. In the quarter results of June, Infosys made an announcement that its big data and cloud business have executed around over 260 engagements. And it has also won about 20 contracts in the past quarter.

A move to the cloud computing includes noteworthy back end advantages, like contestability. The term contestability refers to compare the storage and processor combination firstly and secondly with another combination. And later deciding as to which is the best suited one, in order to run a workload. In a great cloud operation, maximum tasks can be handled without human intrusion.

Mojang offers Minecraft Realms to provide renting facility to the players

minecraft-listing-thumb-01-ps4-ps3-psv-us-15aug14Mojang has launched a brand new service naming it as Minecraft Realms on 5th of July 2014. It enables players to rent a server directly from Mojang. Players can invite their friends to their servers and they can even play with them using the same server. Presently the servers can accommodate a total of 20 players at a time. Many can wonder about the differences which come between Minecraft Realms and a straight download of server package which comes free from their domain. Here is the detailed analysis of both the sectors.

Several Differences between the Minecraft Realms and direct download

The primary difference which comes in between the two is that Minecraft Realms comes with a price tag on it whereas a simple download of a server package is free of cost presuming the player is hosting in his own machine. Not only that, but the features are also very different from one another. In server package you can easily modify the game play as it has all the files included in it, which you can edit or add new programs. On the other hand Minecraft Realms has a rigid programming which doesn’t let you to get any kind of access to its files, which ultimately results in inability to add more features via its plugins. Nonetheless Mojang has admitted that modernizing of the servers will be possible at a later stage.

Personalization and customizations stays limited

Minecraft Realms can give you a faster way to get started with your server if you don’t get too much bothered about the plugins. This server is a reliable way to host a game for your friends or an online group of gamers as Minecraft Realms is a very trusted hosting solution at present in the market. Mojang, which powers the Minecraft Realms, hosts each and every official service in connection with Minecraft. To put it in a simple way, you don’t have to worry about anything as you are secured.

Works keeping your requirements in mind

If you don’t make an official invitation to any of your friends then they won’t be able to join you to your Minecrafts Realms server. This can work as an advantage if you want to limit players and have your own kind of group but at the same time it can work as a disadvantage if you lack players and want to grow your community.

First you have to be very clear in your mind about your needs and then you can select what services to choose. Minecraft Realms can work best for you, if you have your own group of friends or an online clan. On the other hand, if you want to establish a larger community then hosting your own server will work best for you.

The Impact Of eCommerce

Electronic commerce, also known as eCommerce, is the act of trading funds for various products or goods via the Internet. Modern eCommerce systems use web browser-based platforms for conducting financial transactions. Mobile devices, social media and emails are also used for initiating eCommerce transactions.

eCommerce today

Most people know eCommerce in the form of web retailers ( That’s just one form of eCommerce, known as Business to Consumer (B2C) eCommerce.

Another form of eCommerce is Business to Business (B2B), where the transactions involve two or several businesses, such as traders, manufacturers and retailers. The last type of eCommerce is Consumer to Consumer (C2C), where the transacting parties are consumers. Auction sites, such as eBay, serve as ‘grounds’ for most Consumer to Consumer transactions on the web.


Consumers now use eCommerce to become providers of goods and services on the web. Starting an eCommerce shop, however, involves more than relying on a web hosting provider.

The eCommerce web host

An eCommerce system isn’t something you can build on your own. In fact, it’s rather complicated to build one from scratch—to the point where it’s best left to the experts. Today, many web hosting providers have ‘ready-to-use’ eCommerce systems. These systems can be installed by just clicking one or a series of buttons before it’s ready for the set up process.


Many eCommerce hosting solutions have pre-loaded software, including a catalog builder, inventory organizer, store designer, shopping cart and a payment processor. All of those elements are enough basics for most newcomers to build their own shop.

The most powerful eCommerce solutions are available for use with content management systems, such as those like WordPress and Drupal. Both CMS platforms have eCommerce plug-ins that can turn a website or blog into an eCommerce shop. BigCommerce, Shopify and Magento are eCommerce software packages used in combination with a website or CMS-based site to build a web shop.


The impact of eCommerce

According to economists, eCommerce may ‘lead to intensified price competition between retailers, since it plays a role in increasing a customer’s ability to find information about products and their prices.’

eCommerce is already making that impact in several industries, notably with bookshops and travel agencies. Over the past few years, eCommerce grew in those industries, due to the availability of their products and services across the web.

Although eCommerce may affect brick and mortar stores, nothing at this time suggests eCommerce’s total dominance over physical retail stores. Instead, eCommerce will continue to see growth alongside physical retail stores. It’s ultimately up to the market to decide whether they want to go entirely digital—or not.

When to get a Dedicated Server

There was a period in my business when I was thinking about upgrading my website hosting to a much better server. The point was actually difficult and important, how to determine did I need a new upgrade and the best way to make a decision was by sitting down and thinking about the facts that will lead me to my answer, do I really need a new server. I was in a worldwide network of costumers that were making a lot of orders all the time and that was straining my system, the one that my site rest on. I needed more performance in order to keep up with the orders and to continue having a successful sale without any problem and I wanted to be able to meet increased demands in a long period of time and for the future too, not just for the present.

Decide do you need a Dedicated Server

So, because I needed all of that, I realized that a dedicated server was the best option for me and my sales. Yes, I paid a lot for it, but it was worth it. I got administrative power that provides me with increased sales and it improved my website’s performance and it was an amazing thing. So, I am not saying that you need to get a hosing website with a dedicated server, I know that you will know when is the time to get one, like I knew for myself too.

So my advice to all of you that are thinking about this server, from my experience, when you see that your business is going up faster then you definitely need a Linux dedicated server, and plus you will get even more success after you get it. I am very happy by making this choice.

Advantages of Dedicated Linux Server

By obtaining a dedicated Linux server I was able to choose the time when the update will occur in order not to affect my website and my visitors. This is because servers need to update regularly, they actually need to update their own technology and the information that they are providing for the website and the visitors. If I didn’t have a dedicated hosting website then I would have to accept the time of the update that the server provides, and now I am choosing for myself because I am not sharing the server with other websites. This is a big positive thing; I won’t lose visitors or customers when the updating is on.

When I made my best decision of getting a website host, dedicated server, I got a dedicated customer support as part of the plan. This gave me the ability to contact them anytime I have a concern or when I need assistance, I will be dealing with only one person all the time, the one that I know all about him, his name and how to reach him directly and that is a good thing because he knows everything for me and my website from the beginning.

Remote Access

As a part of the hosting plan I got a remote access to my server, which allows me to control it from my computer at work or at home. Some also will give me remote access when needed for a service tech to act as my physical eye and hands during in the fixing a technical problem that is looking for more in-person attention.
The feeling of having a dedicated server is like having a private workshop to play with. It allows me to experiment with different versions of my website in order to see which one will get more attention from the visitors, or to try different apps on my website without disturbing the system.

Is it Worth It To Get A Dedicated Server?

I was always asking myself will it be worth it to spend more money on a dedicated server, and it was the time when I need to take immediate action and I was surprised that I got an amazing turn around with the dedicated Linux service. I got a lot of storage space, RAM and bandwidth available, and not like other servers where costumers can’t keep up with fast-paced of a bigger website. Because I have a long list of customers and I am getting more than 500 orders per minute on my site there was no way another server that can keep that up.

Dedicated Server is the best choice

Not like other shared hosting accounts, the dedicated server, it gave me freedom and there were no other neighbors to bump into because the server was only for me. Yes, I paid more when I sign up for the dedicated server but I got privacy and I was leasing the server just for my own personal gain. With it I got all the hardware performance, all of the effectiveness of an entry and all of the management. I was able to do what I want with all those processing resources, I got everything that I wanted the moment I started using it. The best part of it is that it gave me a full administrative control of every aspect of my web hosting server and I have been given tools that I can use for managing my performance and also the output.

With the administrative authority a was able to decide what kind of software items I wanted to be installed, what coding languages are going to work underneath the hood and what user account will be approved. When I was finished with installing my new website that I need in order to power up my business I had the final word on what the site will rests on; would that be a content delivery network or a specific breed of content management.

Types of Dedicated Server

So here is my advice for all those who want to get a website hosting, there are two types of Dedicated Servers you can choose from. Those two are managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. Looking from the side of the hardware the difference between the two of them is negligible, and of course it all depends on your needs, but to pick one is the moment when you need to be careful.

With the managed server, you will be free from the routine maintenance gets involved and when there is some kind of hardware failure, this means that the server will be maintained by the webhost firm. So be honest for your own good, if you don’t have good technical skills or knowledge to manage it, this will be the best option for you and of course for your business too.

If you are looking for hosting a website in a cheaper way than the unmanaged dedicated server is one you need to get. But, you should know that the server is in a raw form. You will be paying just for the hardware and nothing else. You will need to make the routine maintenance, system upgrades, and other things and for that you will need to have at least basic knowledge for web service technology or you will need to invest in IT specialist. So make a wise decision.