Is it Worth It To Get A Dedicated Server?

I was always asking myself will it be worth it to spend more money on a dedicated server, and it was the time when I need to take immediate action and I was surprised that I got an amazing turn around with the dedicated Linux service. I got a lot of storage space, RAM and bandwidth available, and not like other servers where costumers can’t keep up with fast-paced of a bigger website. Because I have a long list of customers and I am getting more than 500 orders per minute on my site there was no way another server that can keep that up.

Dedicated Server is the best choice

Not like other shared hosting accounts, the dedicated server, it gave me freedom and there were no other neighbors to bump into because the server was only for me. Yes, I paid more when I sign up for the dedicated server but I got privacy and I was leasing the server just for my own personal gain. With it I got all the hardware performance, all of the effectiveness of an entry and all of the management. I was able to do what I want with all those processing resources, I got everything that I wanted the moment I started using it. The best part of it is that it gave me a full administrative control of every aspect of my web hosting server and I have been given tools that I can use for managing my performance and also the output.

With the administrative authority a was able to decide what kind of software items I wanted to be installed, what coding languages are going to work underneath the hood and what user account will be approved. When I was finished with installing my new website that I need in order to power up my business I had the final word on what the site will rests on; would that be a content delivery network or a specific breed of content management.

Types of Dedicated Server

So here is my advice for all those who want to get a website hosting, there are two types of Dedicated Servers you can choose from. Those two are managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. Looking from the side of the hardware the difference between the two of them is negligible, and of course it all depends on your needs, but to pick one is the moment when you need to be careful.

With the managed server, you will be free from the routine maintenance gets involved and when there is some kind of hardware failure, this means that the server will be maintained by the webhost firm. So be honest for your own good, if you don’t have good technical skills or knowledge to manage it, this will be the best option for you and of course for your business too.

If you are looking for hosting a website in a cheaper way than the unmanaged dedicated server is one you need to get. But, you should know that the server is in a raw form. You will be paying just for the hardware and nothing else. You will need to make the routine maintenance, system upgrades, and other things and for that you will need to have at least basic knowledge for web service technology or you will need to invest in IT specialist. So make a wise decision.