Mojang offers Minecraft Realms to provide renting facility to the players

minecraft-listing-thumb-01-ps4-ps3-psv-us-15aug14Mojang has launched a brand new service naming it as Minecraft Realms on 5th of July 2014. It enables players to rent a server directly from Mojang. Players can invite their friends to their servers and they can even play with them using the same server. Presently the servers can accommodate a total of 20 players at a time. Many can wonder about the differences which come between Minecraft Realms and a straight download of server package which comes free from their domain. Here is the detailed analysis of both the sectors.

Several Differences between the Minecraft Realms and direct download

The primary difference which comes in between the two is that Minecraft Realms comes with a price tag on it whereas a simple download of a server package is free of cost presuming the player is hosting in his own machine. Not only that, but the features are also very different from one another. In server package you can easily modify the game play as it has all the files included in it, which you can edit or add new programs. On the other hand Minecraft Realms has a rigid programming which doesn’t let you to get any kind of access to its files, which ultimately results in inability to add more features via its plugins. Nonetheless Mojang has admitted that modernizing of the servers will be possible at a later stage.

Personalization and customizations stays limited

Minecraft Realms can give you a faster way to get started with your server if you don’t get too much bothered about the plugins. This server is a reliable way to host a game for your friends or an online group of gamers as Minecraft Realms is a very trusted hosting solution at present in the market. Mojang, which powers the Minecraft Realms, hosts each and every official service in connection with Minecraft. To put it in a simple way, you don’t have to worry about anything as you are secured.

Works keeping your requirements in mind

If you don’t make an official invitation to any of your friends then they won’t be able to join you to your Minecrafts Realms server. This can work as an advantage if you want to limit players and have your own kind of group but at the same time it can work as a disadvantage if you lack players and want to grow your community.

First you have to be very clear in your mind about your needs and then you can select what services to choose. Minecraft Realms can work best for you, if you have your own group of friends or an online clan. On the other hand, if you want to establish a larger community then hosting your own server will work best for you.